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BWhen cigars and high fashion coalesce, a beautifully harmonious amalgamation results.

This is the visual approach of Bowtie, with regards to his company's advertising strategy for BOW TIE CIGARS and the ensuing BOW TIE brand.

From North Chicago, IL., BOW TIE CIGARS was conceived and born in St. Louis, MO., in 2006. Having been denied by 73 different cigar companies over the first year and a half, the 74th was a charm! Starting out as a private label, the brand was born; 4 blends...21 total sizes. After a successful run, that relationship ended and a new one emerged, thanks to Sam Leccia, owner of LECCIA TOBACCO. Today, all BOW TIE CIGARS are hand-rolled in the dominican republic, by the same family that produces  CASA CUEVAS cigars, and many others. What an awesome blessing this is! A special thanks goes out to the Cuevas family, for believing in the man, even when times have been uncertain. Currently, BOW TIE CIGARS has 3 signature blends. These are: PLATINUM LABEL BOW TIE, COPPER LABEL BOW TIE and 314 RED. (St. Louis deserved a namesake signature blend, as they have been so very supportive, over the years.) In addition, we offer an unbanded line, affectionatly named NAKED BEAUTIES.

These blends, Bowtie refers to as COUTURE, because the flavor profiles were imagined by Bowtie and brought to life in the D.R., as a collaborative effort, under the expertise of the Cuevas family's four generations of Cuban cigar creating expertise. They are tailor made to fit Bowtie's discerning cigar palette.

All cigars are premium hand-rolled, using only the finest long filler tobaccos. Each cigar is also tested, using a draw machine, to ensure proper construction. Quality is manufactured into each and every cigar produced.

Our slogan, "What Color is your BOW TIE", represents a simplistic phrase to remember which BOW TIE CIGAR you like the best. Hopefully, 2019 offers the opportunity to add an additional blend to the BOW TIE CIGAR family of cigars.

Bowtie, having earned degrees in mechanical engineering and physics from both Howard and Xavier of UNIVERSITY OF Louisiana respectively, began voraciously  studying every aspect of the cigar & fashion industries in 2008. The goal being to understand the thought process that goes into developing brands, heavily reliant on quality products and visual perceptions, for creating a successful brand. In addition, the process cycle utilized by large fashion houses, for putting out content and products was cultured, and elements applied to our approach.

With regards to other inspirational elements, the following people/companies strategizes played a huge role in his approach. It is important that I show respect to them, by name: ROCKY PATEL CIGARS, TATUAJE CIGARS PETE JOHNSON, ALEC BRADLEY CIGARS ALAN RUBEN, VERA WANGdame dashDIDDY, RUSSELL SIMMONS, GARY VAYNERCHUK,  JSUPER, culture ink, SWAY CALLOWAY, HEATHER B, PETER LINBERGH, DR. ERIC THOMAS, SWIZZ BEATS, KANYE WEST, TOM FORD, SUPER MODELS NAOMI CAMPBELL, TYRA BANKS and HEIDI KLUM.  also, RYAN LESLIE and dr. dennis kimbro, just to name few.

Moreover, Bowtie would like to dedicate this new website and, his reintroduction to the world, to his family and to his lifelong friend, who left this world too soon, Marcus Jason Garrett. What you see displayed on this website is the culmination of Bowtie's efforts, time and monies spent. What you see is his way of contributing not only to cigar culture his way, but to culture as a whole. It is Bowtie's hope that you experience as much pleasure discovering the art presented before you, as he has creating it, with the assistance of a multitude of talented individuals.


Smoke well.

Peace and Namaste.

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

press - historical

SMOKE MAGAZINE (2009), ENTREPRENEUR.COM (2010), cigar inspector (2010), stogie press (2015)